Automated Quality Assurance for Healthcare
by Gustavo Fring

The healthcare industry has a complex ecosystem that requires advanced tech solutions to both simplify the daily routines and deal with more complex tasks. These technologies, in their turn, take careful designing and testing.

When it comes to complex architecture and frequent updates — a typical case for healthcare software — test automation becomes a game-changer. Automated testing helps to minimize human error and run checkups of the entire system after the smallest code iteration without spending days for this.

Our team has some experience in testing healthcare systems and applications. And as it turns out, automation is helpful not…

Automation Testing for Taxi and Delivery apps
by Fikri Rasyid

Logistics is often mentioned on the list of industries greatly affected by the pandemic, finding its place among businesses that are the most resilient or even flourishing. The reason lies in the segmentation and diversity of the logistics market. Along with the global supply chain and freight forwarding, it encompasses local transportation and delivery service that have been on the rise lately.

Lockdown, however, isn’t the only factor that increased the demand for food delivery and taxi services. E-commerce and last-mile delivery trends are driving the development of digital logistics. …

How to Build a Test Automation Strategy

Automation means using tools to perform specific testing tasks more efficiently. So it is not manual vs automated testing, but one is always used to support the other. From developers and product owners to CTOs, everyone involved in the product life cycle should bear this in mind when they start discussing test automation.

When an idea to implement automation crosses your mind, don’t move to how part right away; instead, focus on why. Automation for the sake of automation with arguments like

  • it sounds good, so it must be good;
  • the guys from that other company already use it;
  • we…

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